Taranaa.com is India's first computer karaoke system. It is convenient, affordable and very easy to use. You no longer have to purcahse individual Hindi Karaoke tracks. With a subscription to Taranaa.com you gain instant access to our rapidly-growing library of tracks from 6 decades of Hindi Film Music. Experience the sheer fun of singing with a full score of music. The synchronized lyrics will help you sing along with our digitally recorded karaoke music tracks. You can even do a digital recording of your own performance using our software for free.
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Install Taranaa Karaoke Player in less than 5 minutes and you will be singing like never before!
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Taranaa Tarang Audio Blog
Sing.Record.Share! Post your song recordings on Taranaa Tarang and instantly reach out to a worldwide audience. Have fun singing with our global member community. Come, rediscover yourself!
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Connect with music lovers a world apart. Make new friends. Express yourself. Share the joys of music in this musical haven.
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